You know your rights … right!?

Hi! I’m Ellie & I am a trainee applied psychologist for children and young people, as well as being a passionate advocate for young people’s rights in relation to mental health. One thing I am most passionate about is young people being afforded the support they need when they need it!

Ellie is a member of the Our Minds Our Future group in Scotland

This means different things for different people….

When things are just a bit of a struggle?

When signs of mental health struggles start to show?

When things reach crisis point?

Just because other people don’t understand what you are feeling doesn’t mean it isn’t valid!

Whatever “when you need it” means to you, the most important thing is that…


FYI (in Scotland)….

  • You can go to your GP (or other support service) BY YOURSELF (or with somebody else that you trust) AT ANY AGE!
  • Anyone you speak to has to KEEP THINGS PRIVATE (i.e. maintain a level of confidentiality) – unless they are worried that you or someone else might be unsafe in anyway

If it is decided that you might need a wee bit support then your parents might need to be informed but….

  • You can decide if you want to receive mental health support BY YOURSELF (if you are in a safe frame of mind to do so for yourself) at 16!
  • Young than 16? Well, if you are of “mature mind” and are seen as being able to make those decisions for yourself – THEN YOU STILL CAN!!

Fortunately, there are a lot of people who USE THEIR RIGHTS EFFECTIVELY to get support…

Unfortunately, this means there are long waiting lists for mental health support, especially for young people.

The Our Minds Our Future Scotland Group are working to improve mental health services for young people across Scotland so that you are able to get the support YOU need when you need it! Have a look here to find out more! And keep an eye out on this page for more blogs being posted that will delve deeper in to why we are doing what we are doing!